Saturday, 12 January 2013

Why I love my husband...

The Happy Wives Club  have set up a great blog challenge - asking all marriage bloggers to write a list of why they love their husbands... This s such a great idea, so here is my list. I purposefully haven't looked at any of the other posts, because i wanted my answer to be honest and un-influenced.

1. My husband is a gift from God!
2. My husband helps me to be a much better person.
3. My husband loves me despite all my many faults - he always sees the best in me.
4. My husband is such a brilliant lover, he always manages to make me feel physically cherished.
5. My husband is the sexiest man alive.
6. My husband is a Godly leader
7. My husband is a brilliant father.
8. My husband is an excellent provider.
9. My husband knows my love languages and keeps my love tank filled.
10. My husband is an excellent kisser and keeps me turned on.

This list could go on for ever...

If you would like to do your own lists and post it in the comments, all our husbands would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. This is beautiful, Lisa. Love #5! Your hubby sounds like a wonderful man. I hope you keep adding to the list and link up with us again next Thursday :).