Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Make passion a priority

The dictionary defines passion: A compelling, intense feeling or emotion

Dr Paul Pearsall, author of “Super Marital Sex” says:
“The marriage comes first. All other people and events come after the marriage. Children, parents, work and play all benefit most by the marital priority instead of the marital sacrifice, because the marriage unit is the central unit to all other processes. If that is true we reap what we sow, then marriages are in big trouble…If we put as much time in our working as we allow for our loving, we would end up unemployed or bankrupt.”

What is your attitude towards your husband? Is he high priority? Do you see him as a passionate lover or merely as the father of your children who takes out the rubbish and snores? Do you look at him with longing eyes or is he the last thing on your mind? 

Recapturing passion has much do with your attitude about been a lover to your husband. Passion begins with priorities and not genitals. When last have you “interrupted” his shower, joining him and saying “in case I have not told, you are the most important, sexiest man in my life?” And the proceeded to give him pleasure?

Maybe you are thinking, “What plant do you live on? No one has time to look at her husband with “lover’s eyes”. Are you suggesting I seduce him in the middle of cooking the spaghetti?” We agree it’s difficult to keep the passion burning but not impossible. Sex is not an event. It is an environment. Make passion a priority and then set an atmosphere where passion can sizzle!

SENSUOUS is that safe, sophisticated space where you can truly explore your sensuality. Every single woman is “sensuously” beautiful. Lisa and Caryn are dedicated to assist woman achieve this.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bigger, Better, Brighter Sensuous

In the two years that Sensuous has been open; we have grown and reached women on a level that exceeded our expectations
The increase demand for our “Sensuous Talk” and our ever popular “Marriage Enrichment Seminars” for women have become overwhelmingly popular, many have already committed to our next Seminar.
Sensuous, in the physical, has always been an aid and an avenue to assist our passion and purpose, which is to build into strong, intimate and lasting marriages. The requests and invitations to publically speak and teach “Marriage Enrichment” across the country have caused us to shift our sails. We believe God is taking Sensuous to a whole new level.
“Sensuous Women on Line” our E commerce store, has truly taken off. We no longer feel the need for a physical boutique.  Our beautiful “On- Line” store enables us to be “Everywhere” , in a sense we are “franchising” our brand, allowing us to have total control of our values, products, goals and vision.
Sensuous is reaching a far wider audience through effective Social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter and have just launched our new blog “Sensuous women on Line – all about the glory of Christian marriages”: http://sensuouswives.blogspot.com/   Follow us and be totally inspired!
We will continue to stock quality products which are effective and beneficial to creating healthy relationships and encourage Godly intimacy in marriages. We offer Christian marriage and intimacy guidance counselling for women. (Counselling rooms in Ballito and Durban North are available for one on one Guidance Counselling). Sensuous “On Line” will soon offer pastoral counselling at various centres throughout South Africa.
Our passion is to encourage women through our entertaining talks on Intimacy and Marriage.  We also look forward to taking our “Marriage Enrichment Seminars” for women, to different centres and churches throughout South Africa. Sensuous Bridal Pamper Parties can be booked at various Sensuous approved venues .Allow us to tailor make a package for this intimate, elegant event. All these services are available on our “Sensuous” page and Social Media pages.
As Sensuous Godly women, we are always wives and mothers first. We are going Bigger, Better, and Brighter. We will be more effective to serve our destiny and Purpose;
To promote, encourage and enlighten Godly Intimate Marriages “Everywhere”.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to provide a Godly Christian principled based environment for women to be counselled, educated and encouraged in their marriages and intimacy issues.
Our Vision
Our vision is to reach many, many women and change perceptions the world has created and replace it with what God intended marriage and intimacy to be.
Our Values
·         We see God as “THE CENTRE OF IT ALL”
·         We value Marriage within healthy Christian parameters.
·         We promote hope and encouragement to marriages which lack martial boundaries and principals.   
·         We base our entire business on biblical instruction and principals.
·         We embrace faith, prayer, integrity, hope and life as the heart of Sensuous.
·         We have a passion to serve and love women as Christ has instructed us in His word.

Our Purpose
·         To educate, encourage and build into women in the area of marriage.
·         To always provide personal attention in a discreet, safe, and discerning way.
·         To guarantee that we only sell items of the highest quality which we personally believe are the best for there purpose in building into relationships.
·         To have an “Open Door Policy” – for counselling, advice and friendship.
·         To be a safe space where Confidentiality  is paramount.
·         To give a Total Experience in a discrete, nurturing way that keeps women sharing the “Good News" and coming back for more.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

We are passionate about God and passionate about sensuous, intimate and healthy relationships within Godly bounds and principals.