Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to provide a Godly Christian principled based environment for women to be counselled, educated and encouraged in their marriages and intimacy issues.
Our Vision
Our vision is to reach many, many women and change perceptions the world has created and replace it with what God intended marriage and intimacy to be.
Our Values
·         We see God as “THE CENTRE OF IT ALL”
·         We value Marriage within healthy Christian parameters.
·         We promote hope and encouragement to marriages which lack martial boundaries and principals.   
·         We base our entire business on biblical instruction and principals.
·         We embrace faith, prayer, integrity, hope and life as the heart of Sensuous.
·         We have a passion to serve and love women as Christ has instructed us in His word.

Our Purpose
·         To educate, encourage and build into women in the area of marriage.
·         To always provide personal attention in a discreet, safe, and discerning way.
·         To guarantee that we only sell items of the highest quality which we personally believe are the best for there purpose in building into relationships.
·         To have an “Open Door Policy” – for counselling, advice and friendship.
·         To be a safe space where Confidentiality  is paramount.
·         To give a Total Experience in a discrete, nurturing way that keeps women sharing the “Good News" and coming back for more.

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