Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Make passion a priority

The dictionary defines passion: A compelling, intense feeling or emotion

Dr Paul Pearsall, author of “Super Marital Sex” says:
“The marriage comes first. All other people and events come after the marriage. Children, parents, work and play all benefit most by the marital priority instead of the marital sacrifice, because the marriage unit is the central unit to all other processes. If that is true we reap what we sow, then marriages are in big trouble…If we put as much time in our working as we allow for our loving, we would end up unemployed or bankrupt.”

What is your attitude towards your husband? Is he high priority? Do you see him as a passionate lover or merely as the father of your children who takes out the rubbish and snores? Do you look at him with longing eyes or is he the last thing on your mind? 

Recapturing passion has much do with your attitude about been a lover to your husband. Passion begins with priorities and not genitals. When last have you “interrupted” his shower, joining him and saying “in case I have not told, you are the most important, sexiest man in my life?” And the proceeded to give him pleasure?

Maybe you are thinking, “What plant do you live on? No one has time to look at her husband with “lover’s eyes”. Are you suggesting I seduce him in the middle of cooking the spaghetti?” We agree it’s difficult to keep the passion burning but not impossible. Sex is not an event. It is an environment. Make passion a priority and then set an atmosphere where passion can sizzle!

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