Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How do we build a strong, loving and passionate marriage? Part 3 - Time and investment

Time and investment
Life is fast and furious. It’s imperative that couples prioritise their marriages.  We can so easily place our children or careers ahead of the marriage.
If couples gave their investments and bank accounts the same attention as their marriages, many would end up bankrupt. The best investment you can give your children is investing in your marriage.

Take “time out” for date nights, walks, long bubble baths or whatever takes your fancy. Couples need to understand, eighteen plus years is a long time to wait for their children to grow up.  It is imperative to get a support system going, where there are special people in your life who you can leave your children with in order to get some time away. Whether it is your parents, in-laws, siblings, good friends, or even a nanny or sitter you can rely on. And if you are blessed to get time away together, cherish it, and also remember to pay it forward by offering to close friends or family members to look after their children, so they can also invest in their marriages.

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